“La Divina excels at giving a little more attention and care to its plates of food, buying local and seasonal ingredients, and that comes through in each dish.”
-The Advocate

-Alton Brown


“Hands down the best espresso in the city”
-Lorin Gaudin

“Excellent Italian style panini sandwiches … serving some of the most amazing gelato anywhere.”

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-Yahoo! Travel

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“This little gelateria opened in 2007 and immediately captured my heart (and taste buds!). All of their gelato is crafted from scratch with fresh ingredients, using local produce when possible. No pastes, powders, or bases are ever used, and the results are delectable. My absolute favorite is their pistachio, a verdant green studded with pistachios, creamy and luscious. Running an extremely close second is salted caramel with fleur de sel. This unctuous gelato is a gorgeous combination of cream and browned sugar, so satisfying and perfectly accented with just the right amount of salt.”Chef Maribeth del Castillo, Taceaux Loceaux